By Akorede Habeeb Lawal

Facebook just reminded me that today makes it a year since I served the Nigerian Bar Association and the LAWYERS IN NIGERIA as National Assistant Publicity Secretary (2018 – 2020). It was a real honour.

Since I left office, I have been met with so much goodwill from many lawyers for which I am so grateful. But two occassions stood out.

First was at the Court of Appeal, Abuja, few months after my term. I was looking to get a date for one of my pending appeals before the court. I hadn’t wandered long when a young court staff beckoned on me. He called my name. I was at loss, because I had never met him before. He is a lawyer. He said “Habeeb, you served us very well and whatever you need in this court, as long as I can, I will ensure you get it.” I got the date.

Another was a call from a secondary school mate. He is a medical doctor in Zaria. He needed the service of a lawyer. He found one and while discussing with the counsel, he dropped my name. The lawyer is the immediate past chairman of Zaria Branch. And my lucky school mate got a pro bono service. He called excitingly to inform me and I in turn called the former chairman who said I had paid ahead for my friend in the course of my service as National Assistant Publicity Secretary.

Thanks so much for the privilege, colleagues.

Akorede Habeeb Lawal is the immediate past National Assistant Publicity Secretary of the NBA

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