Uyo the capital city of Akwa Ibom will be agog tonight as lawyers storm the welcome party of Paul Usoro SAN at 7:30pm for  a  party they will not forget.

Akwa Ibom and Cross River are well known in Nigeria as the country’s tourism and home grown entertainment destination.

According to one of the organisers of the party, lawyers will be given a treat that will make them come back to Uyo on “private placement” he joked.

The Party will be held the  serene Shelter Afrique Estate,Uyo,Plot 6/7 Sunday Mbang Street where passers by will continue to wonder what is happening there.

Paul Usoro who gave lawyers a warm and entertaining reception at the Airport kept Lawyers smiling on arrival as their planes taxied to a stop at the Uyo Airport.

The Secretaries of NBA Ikeja and Lagos arrive Uyo airport for the NEC Meeting

The high point at the arrival was the display of Paul Usoro placards placards welcoming lawyers at the Airport mimicking airport pick ups at International Airports.

A lawyer from the North who was part of the organisation said that it was meant to entertain lawyers and at the same time give them a feeling of belonging that comes with International arrivals when you have a pick up.

Some Lawyers took pictures with the placards and some were caught up in the pictures in the whole atmosphere of frenzy and excitement.


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