It is important to remind members that the payment for the Bar Practice Fees may be made via the NBA Portal until 11:59pm today.

BPF can only be paid online by accessing the NBA Website and using the payment portal thereon. It is only by this process that a BPF receipt (similar to bank tellers) can be generated for you.

To find answers to complaints, kindly send a detailed mail using your current and valid email address to

You may also call the following phone numbers –

Habeeb – 07067852266
Umar – 08066380010

Click here to see detailed process on how to make payments online.


The most common complaints is the failure of members to receive from the NBA an acknowledgement message from the NBA, thereby hindering users access to the NBA Portal.

Here is an advice on what to do in the circumstance.??????

A. For previously verified members:
That you are previously verified means that all your details are in the NBA database. Indications of this are that you regularly receive emails and stamp from the NBA.

B. That you know your Supreme  court enrollment number does not necessarily mean that you are verified. Therefore, if you are such that have never applied and received NBA Stamp and do not receive regular update from the NBA, there is every likelihood  that you are not yet verified. Therefore, you are to click *GetVerified* to access the portal.

C. All you to need do as a verified member is to enter your Supreme Court Enrollment number in the space provided and click on “forget password” to generate a new password.

D. Now, this process is automated and its expected that the link to change your password will be sent to your verified email address with the NBA.

E. However, one of the reasons we are on this *Verification/Validation* process is that some members’ emails addresses are not correct while some are inactive. The consequence of this is that when you click forget password on the portal, our system cannot deliver the link to your email address.

F. The solution therefore is to send a mail from your preferred , active and valid email address detailing your complaints to . We will revert by sending the link to your current email address.

G. For yet to be verified members. This category of members include the old and new lawyers. In filling the provided spaces, ensure your details including name and year of call tally with the information on your call to bar ceritifacte.

H. The system automatically detects inconsistencies in the information provided and  this will mean that your application for verification will not be approved and you will not receive an acknowledgement email from the NBA.

I. In the event that you’ve done all that you need to do and the delay and other challenges not covered here persist, kindly do a detailed complaint to