What’s life without children? It is like a world without the Sun, moon and stars. They are the little angels of God.

Children spread joy and happiness in every season, as they are most beautiful creation of God. They spread fragrance of love wherever they go and stay where they get love.

The earth reveals its innocence through the smiles of children. A very warm wish for all the children on this special 2020 May Day Celebration.

No doubt, you are the most Precious of God’s Creations, the best thing ever to families, community and nations.

Even though the coronavirus pandemic has denied you open celebration this year, you remain precious and inalienable to us your parents and society.

I call on all children to remain undeterred, focused, in the pursuit of your goals. No matter how delayed, your future is assuredly bright.

Nigeria of today has so much to learn from children, especially we lawyers, in handling issues, in innocence, frankness and forgiveness.

Let us all work with firm belief that no matter how bad things may be in the country today around us, they must get better; and it behoves on all to make it work.

It is pathetic the several undeserved abuses children pass through in the hands of adults who are supposed to protect them. It is even more pathetic especially the girl child who are often molested by criminal minded adults.

The case of Leah Sharibu readily brings to mind a child whose dreams are punctured and glory mutilated for no offence. Meanwhile, the safety of the Nigerian child should not be negotiable, but today, all such privileges are eroded without a wink.

Our government at all levels as a matter of urgency should adopt strict child safety policies to avoid the maladies.

As lawyers and parents, we shall continually live by example so that our children can follow our footsteps, by so doing, sustain our legacies.

We must continually engage our children on the consequences of bad behaviour to avoid social unrest and other vices

We also have to be careful the actions we demonstrate around them so that we impact them positively.

In addition, parents and guardians must help thier Children and wards to keep to the safety rules and hygienes against further spread of COVID 19 because our children are the hope of our future.

Happy Children’s Day Anniversary

Uchenna Nwadialo
Past Social-Secretary
Past Assistant-Secretary
NBA [Lagos]Branch

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