Two-thirds of solicitors are currently experiencing “high levels” of stress, according to a recent report.

The research, produced by LexisNexis, found that 66% of solicitors were suffering “high levels” of stress, while around one in four described their stress as “extreme” or “very high”. Despite this, less than a quarter of respondents felt more could be done to support them in the workplace. Thirty percent of the 176 UK solicitors who responded to the survey described their stress levels as “average”.

Half of those surveyed said they had a positive state of mind, while four out of five reported high levels of job satisfaction.

Elsewhere in the report, 62% of those surveyed believe small law firms were better at fostering an environment of support and culture compared to their larger City counterparts, while a whopping 92% felt small outfits offered a better range of benefits including the “ability to remain in control” and “better client experience”.

The findings follow research produced by the Law Society’s Junior Lawyers Division (JLD) which found that one in 15 young solicitors had experienced suicidal thoughts within the past month.

Note: Research was carried out in the UK. 

Source: Legal Cheek.

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