I have just read the post reproduced below on a platform I belong to:

“Uniting the Bar: This is central to Dr. Ajibade’s plans for the bar. United we stand; divided we fall. Alone we can do only little; together, we can do so much. There’re currently so many divisions and segregations within this profession. Dr. AJIBADE will work to unite lawyers from all segments within so that we can work together to move the profession higher and make practitioners more respectable and honorable in society. If we don’t unite, we can’t achieve our goals. That is why unity is key. Let’s support Dr AJIBADE to unite the bar for more progress.”

Honestly, it’s Dr AJIBADE’s commitment to uniting the bar that attracted me to god camp. I do not think there would be real movement forward if there is no unity among the various segments of the legal profession.

I will give you an example: the Abuja NBA Branch, which prides itself as the “Unity Bar” has never known Unity in the past 4 years and still counting. All the gains recorded since the existence of the branch have been completely lost during this era of fractionalization and factionalism within the branch.

If the Bar cannot unite as one, the Bar cannot develop and progress. The Bar cannot fight a common cause in disunity. The society at large suffers as a result.

Babatunde Ajibade SAN is the only candidate whose promise and plans to unify the Bar (including the Unity Bar) stand clear and convincing against the other candidates.

This is why a victory for BabatUNde Ajibade SAN is a win for all!

P.U. Okafor, Esq.
(Immediate Past Social Secretary of one of the factions of the Unity Bar)

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