The news making rounds that the President of the Nigerian Bar was arrested is still fake news, Anthony  Atata told news men in Abuja.

Yesterday, some blogs released a fake news that the President of the Bar was arrested by the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) and it was later discovered to be malicious lies by a section of disgruntled lawyers.

Subsequently unverified news was published that the EFCC will arraign him on the 10th of December 2018 and the disgruntled lawyers are trying to use it to justify the fake news Anthony Atata states.

It is unfortunate that we have chosen to lose our minds because of the bitterness of election loss in the NBA and we have allowed it affect our sense of legal reasoning.

If the news of the 10th of December arraignment is true, it still does not prove that the President was arrested. The fact still remains that, he was never arrested and any news to the contrary remains fake news

Anthony Atata, expressed sadness over the few lawyers who are celebrating the EFCC interference with lawyers Professional fees. He called those rejoicing short sighted people who can be compared to the second woman in the bible in the case between the two women quarrelling over a baby before King Solomon. These are lawyers whose candidates lost in NBA elections who prefer to destroy the bar because they did not win. Unfortunately for them, many lawyers are mobilising in support of Usoro who is being blackmailed for receiving Professional fees.

Mr Atata said that the short sightedness of these lawyers lie in the fact that if they encourage the EFCC today to investigate lawyers’ fees, they would have given the agency the audacity to interfere subsequently. This will not be good for the profession



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