A teenager brutally gang-raped by four friends at her own birthday party has died in hospital, according to reports.

The 19-year-old was pounced on by her attackers just as she cut her birthday cake at a home near Mumbai, India, on July 7.

It is understood she had travelled from her hometown of Aurangabad 200 miles away to take part in the celebrations.
Despite suffering severe injuries, she did not tell her family about the incident and refused to report the sex attack to authorities.

But several days after the incident, she was admitted to hospital in Aurangabad after complaining of severe pain.

Doctors suspected that she was the victim of a sexual assault and she decided to reveal details of her horrifying ordeal.
She says she was overpowered and then raped by her four attackers after being duped into going to one of the boy’s homes.
Her condition was critical and she died of her multiple injuries at a government hospital on Friday.

Police have launched an investigation and details of the case have been passed to Mumbai police.

The victim’s shocked family members have said they would not accept her body for the last rites till the police charged the culprits.

Source: Mirror

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