Governor Darius Dickson Ishaku of Taraba State has cautioned judges that justice should not be for the highest bidder, urging them to be fair in their practice.

The governor, who made the call today, while swearing in some new judges in Jalingo, the state capital, stressed the need for them to eschew such unprofessional practice to avoid the wrath of the supernatural judge.

He said many Nigerians are disappointed in the judiciary because of such nefarious activities.

He said, “Sometimes we are disappointed.
“You don’t need to go to Law School before you know that some judgments in Nigeria are entirely rubbish.

“Judges must rise above primitive religious and ethnic sentiment that has held us back as a nation for a long time.

“You must follow the ethics and moral rectitude of fairness in the execution of your duties and responsibilities.”

He also admonished them to refrain from pursuing legal technicalities in order to keep adjourning, delaying, and frustrating cases, causing harm to the presumed innocent people who are awaiting trial, saying that justice delayed is justice denied.

He also advocated that Nigeria’s judiciary should take a cue from other nations of the world, where a very large number of different and varying courts are in use, to reduce the pressure on the courtrooms in the country.

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