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NBA and the burden of reconciliation- Abdulrasheed Ibrahim

Last week, when I wrote on the topic CHANGE OF GUARD: SHOULD THE NBA BE SPLIT? I was grossly misunderstood by some of our colleagues who thought I was clamouring for the splitting of the Association. It will be a wrong judgment to judge an article by its title. Since I have taken it upon myself to be writing weekly to share the little knowledge I know with our colleagues who are interested in knowing, my topical titles are always in question form. This is because as a thinker and writer, I do not want to be tyrannical on issues. I want our colleagues and other people to also express their views even if it seems I have taken a position on such issue. One of the essences of knowledge is to share it. I love what is called RIGHT TO REPLY in journalism as I love people writing to rebut whatever I have written and people consider it to be wrong. I equally detest being misunderstood without being asked to make clarification as that will open room for further discussion and understanding. Continue reading NBA and the burden of reconciliation- Abdulrasheed Ibrahim

NBA President Paul Usoro exempts Prosecution team from dissolution

The President of the Nigerian Bar Association(NBA) has informed the NBA Prosecution team that it is exempted from the dissolution of committees announced in his inaugural speech. However,he stated that the exemption will be, pending  the imminent review and reconstitution of the team. Continue reading NBA President Paul Usoro exempts Prosecution team from dissolution

NBA President mourns the loss of two colleagues,promises police investigation

The sad news of the assassination of Mr. Emeka Agundu – the Chairman of Obollo Afor Branch of the NBA and demise of Mr. Emeka Longinus Eze of the Abuja branch reached the President of the NBA, Mr. Paul Usoro, SAN and the National Officers  yesterday. Continue reading NBA President mourns the loss of two colleagues,promises police investigation

Uplifting the NBA to Gold Standard-Kunle Edison

The extraordinary heritage of gold is one with unique qualities. As an enduring element found naturally in a distinct yellow color, gold is resistant to rust, tarnish, and corrosion. It is learnt, gold is very strong, it is also the most malleable of all precious metals, and this is how I see one of the presidential aspirant to the NBA Continue reading Uplifting the NBA to Gold Standard-Kunle Edison

Martin Ogunleye, NBA Lagos Former Chair declares support for Paul Usoro SAN

The respected former leader of the biggest branch of the Nigerian Bar Association(NBA),Martin Ogunleye has declared his support for Paul Usoro SAN in the forthcoming election of the Nigerian Bar Association .

Since the bid for elections began, many of the the candidates especially the presidential candidates have had their heart beating and waiting impatiently for the close of nomination when  Martin Ogunleye will declare his support for any of the candidates.

Martin who was the former Chairman of the NBA Lagos branch,is known for his unshakeable loyalty and consistency with his decisions when he takes a stand.He has now done it and for the 2018 election,  he will be standing with Paul Usoro SAN.

In a letter dated 4th of June 2018 made available to Courtroom Mail, the former Chair said that he is excited by the aspiration of Paul Usoro and will be involved in running his campaign when the ban is lifted.

Martin Ogunleye’s association with Paul Usoro is already changing the permutations of the election particularly in Lagos where his teeming loyalists have queued up behind him already .

Hang out with Paul Usoro holds on Friday 8th June at Freedom Park

Lawyers particularly those plying their trade in Lagos will on Friday converge at the Freedom Park,Broad street,Lagos  to hang out with Paul Usoro. Top and well respected Senior and Young Lawyers will be present at the Friday evening event which promises to mix business with pleasure.

According to the organisers of the event led by Martin Ogunleye, the event will provide lawyers the opportunity to discuss the future of the  Nigerian Bar Association with a man who hopes to lead it.

Paul Usoro SAN a member of the Nigerian Bar Association Lagos will have many of his members present. He has enjoyed massive support from his branch and all the other branches in Lagos State since he declared his bid for the NBA Presidency.