The Attorney General and his team yesterday received the team from State Criminal and Investigation Department, Panti, led by DCP Fayoade Adegoke, DC, SCID.

The Attorney General Stated that; “We would ensure quarterly training for IPOs and also support the SCID library with more books”.
-We implore IPOs to cooperate with District Prosecutors.
-IPOs should always include victims’ phone numbers and the full details of the complainant, relatives & family in the case file.
IPOs should endeavor to testify in court even though he/she has been transfer out of the State and there will always be provision of mobility for such IPO.
-The Confessional facilities has be built, IPOs should often use the facilities while collecting Confessional statements.
IPOs should always include the Charge Sheet and the name of Judge /Magistrate who remanded the defendant in the case file .

He thereafter pleaded with IPOs to stop taking Civil matters for Criminal Matters.
Responding to the Attorney General, DCP. Fayoade Adegoke who was deployed to the State on 13th of January 2021 said the SCIID is greateful for the renovations of the Library and continous training of our Officers.
Having noted the complaints stated by the AG, we would ensure maximum support for the effectiveness of the Criminal Justice System.

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