Carol Ajie

AB Mahmoud (SAN) ’s heartlessness is beyond comprehension. Here is a tall Nigerian Lawyer beneath the gentlemanly poise of a man who had no chance of winning the NBA presidential elections but for some of us who aided his initially lackluster campaign. However he ‘beat’ JK Gadzama SAN.

In March 2017 a Federal High Court Judge voided NBA Constitutions specifically the 2015 Constitution but preserved the 2001 Constitution. The court held that everything done under the Constitution is null and void including ABM’s election 2016. His regime having being de-legitimized he organized an appeal. This week the appeal was entered and an appeal number assigned as I hinted in my post yesterday.

To date there has been no order for stay of execution of Justice Tsoho’s orders. The authorities say unless you obtain an order for stay of execution the judgment may be enforced. Because Lawyers loath the NBA splitting, the BoT opined that the judgment of Tsoho J be not enforced and that ABM be allowed to continue and complete his term in 2018 but that NBA 2015 Constitution would NOT apply.

2015 Constitution is a BAD instrument with too many hidden clauses that makes it impossible for NBA to have a transparent election under electronic voting system. Because inter alia accreditation of voters is fraught with irregularities whereas e-voting is usually transparent – as you are casting your ballot it is reading on a counter and the database is open and transparent. We don’t want the 2015 Constitution. There is absolute need to re-work the NBA Constitution and remove the mischief embedded in it.

Next ABM approves an astronomical hike in 2017 conference fees with a bogus decree compelling Lawyers to pay for tablets when not in a military regime. The NBA young lawyers complained against it, the host branch has complained against the AGC and senior lawyers complained against the hike. ALL complained that they have no access to the type of funds Mahmoud and his friends are looking for.

Remove the astronomical fees and revert to the 2016 conference fees – stop comparing IBA conference fees with NBA’s being poles apart. The learned children of ordinary parents petitioned against the hike and he is not listening to the cries of children whilst he holds his own learned child(ren), privileged.

Silk ABM NBA peace meeting please to agree on venue/date and time.

Power points of a workable draft Constitution (NEW) ought to read.

The lawyers peace meeting to hold in a venue convenient to the bar leaders; let’s say if they decide to meet at buffet lunch in say for example Hilton or wherever is safe in Abuja Lagos – Go Dutch.

Carol Ajie