The LOC of the NBA AGC 2018 holding in Abuja hereby announce the opening of

Accommodation Bookings for the AGC 2018 as follows:


Special Rates have been negotiated specially for this conference.

Accommodation Booking Process:

  1. To book your accommodation, select your Hotel of choice, Room Type here and determine  your dates of arrival and departure.
  1. Send these information by email to Or Call, SMS or

WhatsApp the following numbers;

 Zenom – 0816 970 2866

 Member – 0806 496 3634

  1. You will receive a reply within 3 hours detailing your full bill and account payable.
  2. You are expected to make payment in full for your reservation to be confirmed.
  3. Payments must be made within 3 Days of receipt of reservation message.
  4. Once payment is confirmed, your accommodation reservation will be confirmed within

3 hours by email, SMS or Whatsapp.

  1. If payment is not made within 3 days of reservation, the booking will lapse and you may have to rebook.

Our teams are available on phone and by email to manage any request and provide service to Delegates every day of the week including weekends. Response times may be a bit longer during the weekends.

All Accommodation Bookings will close on August 21, 2018. After this day, the Accommodation Team will no longer take further bookings on behalf of Delegates. From August 21, the hotels in the list may no longer offer the concessionary discounted rates and may  charge full rates thereafter.

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