I saw this piece of good news first on the timeline of a lady friend, Zara Onyinye that the Nigerian Financial Intelligence Unit (NFIU) has directed all financial institutions, public servants and other stakeholders to comply with the provisions of the guidelines that block the illegal withdrawal of monies belonging to Local Councils by State Governments all over the federation beginning from 1st of June, 2019.

My inquisitiveness about the authenticity of this good news paid of when I saw it online published by a respectable blogger ABIA FACTS. According to the report, investigation by the Intelligence Unit uncovered that cash withdrawal and transactions of the State, Joint Local Government Accounts, poses biggest corruption, money laundering and security threats at the grassroots levels and to the entire financial system and the country as a whole. According to the Unit, with effect from 1st of June, 2019 any bank that allows any transaction from any local government without monies first reaching a particular local government account will be sanctioned 100 per cent both locally and internationally. In addition, a provision is also made to the effect that there shall be no cash withdrawal from any local government account for a CUMULATIVE AMOUNT exceeding 500,000 Naira per day. Any other transaction must be through valid cheques or electronic funds transfer.
Good and fantastic news! From 1999 till date, Local Government Administration has remained only in the 1999 constitution and nothing practical on ground to justify the creation of the local government administration. The State Governors have stubbornly refused, neglected and objected to allowing a democratically elected local government administration with responsibility to the electorates. They have perfected their demonic and plundering act of appointing Transition Local Government Administrations by appointing their stooges and cronies as local government chairmen and with whom they have been bleeding the local government funds by sheer diversions of funds meant for the development of the local governments. No State and Local Government in the federation is spared. It is not surprising therefore that there are no meaningful developmental projects in all the local government areas throughout Nigeria despite billions allocated to them monthly. IT IS A BIG BIG SHAME! I raised alarm on this SCAM IN CHANNELS TELEVISION OVER TEN YEARS AGO(GO TO YOUTUBE WITH MY NAME AND TYPE LOCAL GOVERNMENT ADMINISTRATION) and no government paid attention to the biggest scam perpetrated by the State Governors until now when this measure is sought to be put in place.


WE have heard pieces of good news like this before and thereafter the implementation enters into “a voicemail”. Let the policy implementers be warned in advance that the State Governors will be planing now how to compromise them and ensure that this policy suffers irreparable setback, mark my words! Two, they will be planing in conjunction with the Transition Council Chairmen how to observe this new policy in breach, again mark my words!
Nigerians wait and watch as the Policy kicks off on the 1st of June, 2019 and it is our prayer that this policy will be observed in full compliance with EFCC monitoring how the Local Government Chairmen will utilize these funds to develop the local government Areas across the Nation. THERE IS STILL HOPE FOR NIGERIA. May God bless Nigeria!

Monday Onyekachi Ubani Esq,
Legal Practitioner.


  1. Nigerian citizens are their own problems. They are there own enemy. Any society where people are ignorant and foolish and they are not ready to wake up to reality, the people will suffer to grave, they will die and leave their children in suffering while they continue suffering in their graves. I don’t blame the governors I blame the idiots, the citizens. Just wait and watch their reply to my comments. That alone will vindicate me. The governor is living there with them in the state, but the mumu citizens will not face their governors with matchet and guns to demand their rights, rather they will be blaming the president. And you think Nigerians, particularly the youth are not idiots?. They don’t even understand the tactics applied by their governors. The governors pick some few among the youth, trained them to be thugs, send them in the streets to threaten or even kill anybody who dare raise head against him. Even the LG chairmen and counselors are collaborators in the evil. But instead of the youth to stand strong together to challenge or even mob the evil agents and collaborators, they will go and set tyres on their poor fellow who stole bread in the market. And you think Nigerian citizens are not fools?. They are idiots. Give them #5000 naira, they will bring their father’s head for you. And you think they are not fools? . If you are a Nigerian and you sold your votes in the last election, whether to APC or PDP, or any other party, you are your own enemy. Until you wake up, begin to group yourselves and grow, think and act in wisdom to ask your governors for accountability and transparency rather than raising against the president in a foolish manner, you may be fasting and praying in vain. You will get out of troubles the day you decide to stop being your own enemy. And the day you cure yourself of Stockholm Syndromes.

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