Dr Babatunde Ajibade is not a candidate sponsored by any government (to do the bidding of his sponsors) nor an adoptee of a nuclear family-led cabal (to kowtow to the whims of the adopters). Dr Ajibade is capable, passionate, not beholden to any Government, Godfather or Cabal, and has sincere intentions to reposition the legal profession in Nigeria.

Also, the affairs of the NBA are beyond the dubious divisive narrative of junior colleagues versus senior colleagues, SAN or Non-SAN, because the juniors of today are the seniors of tomorrow, and those who are not SANs today may still get it tomorrow.

Being a SAN or Non-SAN is not a factor. Dr. Ajibade‚Äôs name rings a bell and his aspiration resonates with both the young and the old, SANs and non-SANs, private and public practitioners, and all. NBA needs Dr. Ajibade now. Let’s look beyond stomach-infrastructure.

Let’s leave anyone who wants to ride to victory on the back of a destructive narratives and division or divisive sentiments,

Let’s do better with Dr Ajibade