THE stealing of female panties for money ritual purposes came to public glare recently and palpable fear had enveloped the atmosphere.
No doubt the main reason for this ungodly adventure by internet fraudsters also known as Yahoo boys, is to acquire wealth by crooked means. Reports of the apprehension of suspects had become a daily occurrence. In Ondo State, the fate of a suspect, Kayode Michael, arrested in Akure last week for this ignoble act of picking female pants, bras and blood stained sanitary pads, will have to be decided by the report of the doctors in the state psychiatric hospital. Recall that the suspect, a 70- year-old man, was nabbed and beaten black and blue by residents of Danjuma, in Akure metropolis when caught in the act. But for the timely intervention of the officials of the state command of the Nigerian Security and Civil Defence Corps,NSCDC, the suspect would have been lynched by the irate mob.
However, a twist was introduced when his relations surfaced and claimed the suspect was mentally disturbed. They reportedly claimed he was in the habit of picking refuse from dunghill across the metropolis.
Mixed reaction had trailed the arrest of the suspect since it came to the public glare that ritualists now steal and pick ladies pants and other underwears from clothes line. Residents of Danjuma area, where the suspect was arrested, insisted that there is more to it than meets the eye and called for further probe They wondered why the suspect’s relations left him to roam the streets instead of confining him to a mental home. One of the landlords in the area, Tunbosun Adedeji, alleged that the suspect was not behaving abnormally when he was caught in the act and wondered how he became insane after he was rescued by the security agents. The mob alleged that the suspect was faking insanity and must have been fronting for Yahoo boys, who buy the items and take them to herbalists for money rituals. A man who spoke on condition of anonymity, pleaded that the suspect should be throughly examined by competent psychiatric doctor to ascertain his mental state. “If need be, they should go outside the state. They should not cover up anything. This case should be handled properly to serve as a deterrent to other fetish young boys who crave to get rich through devilish means.” Findings showed that no fewer than six female pants, four bras and some sanitary pads were found in the black polythene bag he was holding when he was apprehended.
Eyewitness account alleged that the suspect was caught with a polythene bag containing used female underwear, bras and blood-stained sanitary pads. He was accused of gathering the items to either allegedly use them for rituals or sell to ritualists. An eyewitness told newsmen who rushed to the scene, that some “people saw him picking female underwears around the area, but when he was asked what he was doing with them, he could not give a convincing answer so the people thought may be he wanted to use them for rituals. “As he could not give an answer to the questions put to him, people started beating him, they wanted to kill him but he was later rescued and handed over to the security agents.” Another eyewitness said: “The man was caught by commercial motorcyclists in Danjuma area of Akure while he was picking female pants and bras on the lines, he also picked a fresh sanitary pad stained with blood. Nobody knew what he wanted to use them for.”
Spokesperson of the NSCDC in Ondo State, Oladapo Samuel, confirmed that the family of the suspect and officials of the Corps would be visiting the psychiatric hospital to verify the claim of insanity. Oladapo said: “The suspect was rescued from an angry mob by two patriotic citizens. He was confirmed to be engaged in begging for alms and picking things from dustbins around the metropolis by his relatives and neighbours. “At the scene of rescue, no witness was willing to speak with NSCDC officers on the circumstances of his apprehension to determine if he was actually caught with the exhibits or that he was checking the nylon bag said to contain the exhibit. “Investigation is still ongoing on the case; be assured that justice would be done in the matter.”
Source: Vanguard News.