Ridwan Oluwaseyi Badmus, Esq. has emerged as the winner of the George Etomi Courtroom Mail Business Law competition (2020) which took place in three stages and was contended for by a hundred (100) lawyers.

Mr. Ridwan Oluwaseyi Badmus obtained his LL.B degree from University of Ilorin in the department of Common and Islamic Law.

He was called to the Nigerian Bar in 2019. Ridwan began his journey in the legal profession as an NYSC Associate at the law firm of Abdulkareem, Fajimite & Co. He is exposed to an extensive practice of law considering the chamber he works in. He is highly interested and specializes in IT Law, Commercial/Corporate Law, Property Law, Intellectual Property Law, and International Law. He is also certified in a number of professional courses in order to hone and augment his skills and knowledge in these fields.

Ridwan is an aspiring polymath. He is conversant and acquainted with AI, Blockchain, Programming Languages, Cybersecurity, Investment Foundations and more. He is flexible, agile and adaptable to change. He is a multitasker and easily learns on the job.

Ridwan is also a Certified Expert in Islamic Law of Inheritance, international published writer, teacher, avid reader and proficient typist. He is a result-oriented person.

He is merrily married and blessed with a beautiful baby girl.

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