In light of the letter dated 24th July 2020, which FALSELY claimed that Mr. Dele Adesina SAN had been adopted by the Arewa Lawyers Forum as its NBA Presidential Candidate in the 2020 NBA elections, we deem it necessary to put forth the facts to ensure that members of the public are not deceived:

  1. As it stands now, Arewa Lawyers Forum is a dormant Association, because there are no Executives in any of its offices for about four years.
  2. The last person to chair the Arewa Lawyers Forum was Mr. M.A Abubakar ESQ, the former Governor of Bauchi State.
  3. No Branch in the North was consulted before the author of the letter decided to pen the falsehood contained in the purported adoption letter. So, the decision cannot and does not represent the position of the Arewa Lawyers Forum.
  4. The last time the Arewa Lawyers Forum met was about four years ago. Except the author of the letter wants us to believe that decision to adopt Mr Adesina, SAN was made four years ago. It does not accord with common sense that an Association that is dormant and has not met in four years will be adopting any candidate in 2020.
  5. Muhammad Manguno ESQ who purportedly signed the letter of adoption and who falsely described himself as the Secretary of Arewa Lawyers Forum is unknown to Arewa lawyers and we doubt that such a person even exists at all.

We want the general public to know that the purported adoption only occurred in the imaginations of the unscrupulous and bogus persons who orchestrated it.

We are in a democratic dispensation in which elections are by universal suffrage. Therefore, no one has the power or mandate to adopt a candidate on behalf of a group of lawyers especially without the unanimous (or at least an overwhelming) approval of the said group of lawyers. IT IS QUITE SAD THAT THE ONLY TIME REGIONAL FORUMS ARE REMEMBERED IN THE NBA IS WHEN THEY ARE REQUIRED TO ACHIEVE A POLITICAL OBJECTIVE, after which they are completely forgotten and abandoned.

Finally, we urge all members of the legal profession to discountenance the sham adoption in its entirety. The purported adoption letter was merely issued to deceive the candidate purportedly adopted and the the legal profession at large.

WE say No to adoption. Let everyone have an independent objective choice.

Signed :
Lukman Usman Nuhu
Chairman NBA Damaturu Branch, Yobe State.

Wada Ahmed Wada
Ag. Chairman NBA Ungogo Branch, Kano.

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