Courtroom Mail is excited to announce that Rehana Khan Parker will again chair our Courtroom Mail 100 selection panel.

In chairing the 2022 panel she brought invaluable direction and leadership to our selection process. We are very glad that she has accepted to do so again this year.
Rehana Khan Parker is South African. She is an accomplished Lawyer of about 30 years who has served in Judicial and quasi Judicial roles of an acting Judge of the High Courts in Western Cape, The Gauteng South and Chairperson of an independent appeal tribunal, amongst Government, SOEs , Academia and private sector board positions.

In addition she is a director of Woza Awards Pty Ltd, the only stand alone awards program on the African continent recognising the strides made by women in the profession. Furthermore, she is also a director of the Women Leadership Academy South Africa providing training programs , mentorship to equip women in leadership.

This year, we will be putting forward our female colleagues who have taken bold steps to start and build a law firm in the capacity as sole founders and Founding partners.

This will also include those who have founded institutions that closely influences the legal community.

In selecting these 100 remarkable female lawyers across all ages from sub Sahara Africa, leading in starting a practice in Africa and abroad,like we always say,we are not under any illusion that we can successfully narrow down our exceptional female colleagues to just a hundred people.

That is not what we intend to do , rather we intend to put out the most we can to inspire and motivate. However it turns out,we are sure that we will motivate and inspire our female colleagues across the continent with the stories of these Superheroes,Heroes,Influencers and disruptors.

Ofcourse,we are also exceptionally grateful to our panelists who are drawn from different parts of the continent , many of whom served on the panel in 2022 and Mulikat Thomas,a very senior Lawyer from Nigeria , who serves in an advisory capacity.

The details of the panellists will follow shortly.

The panel is made up of male and female Lawyers home and abroad of sub sahara Africa descent who will recommend our nominees with the help of other people in their home countries.

The SHID 100 list will be published on the 8th of March 2023 in commemoration of the International Womens’ Day.

Thank you
Anthony Atata
Courtroom Mail 100

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