Registration has opened for the IBA African Regional Forum conference coming up in Addis Ababa on the 1-3rd of April 2020.
According to Anthony Atata, the Co-Chair of IBA African Regional Forum,the conference will be preceded with a Bar Leaders Conference and Young Lawyers Training on the 1st of April while the main conference will begin on the 2nd of April 2020.
The theme of the conference according to Atata, is “Future-proofing the African legal profession: meeting the opportunities and challenges arising from innovation, technological disruption and integration”
The topics include:

  • Are we ready? Disruptive innovation in Africa: the role of lawyers
  • Data privacy regulations: local versus exterritorial laws (GDPR) – the art of risk-management
  • Free trade or protectionism: prospects for African regional and continental integration in a post-Brexit, post-NAFTA world
  • From M-Pesa to Crowdfunding: opportunities and challenges for regulating new players in the African financial services sector
  • Is the future of international criminal law domestic?
  • Migration and immigration challenges – stemming the flow of African migrants in Europe
  • Using technology to enhance efficiency, security and meet client needs: are African law firms ready to embrace the tech revolution?
  • What do 21st century clients expect from external counsel – a panel of General Counsel
  • What will stay the same in arbitration and alternative dispute resolution?


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