The Central Bank of Kenya has now cautioned Kenyans against taking photos of bank notes or posing with the money in photos or videos saying it is illegal.

Those misusing the bank notes risk paying a fine of Sh100,000 or more for mishandling the notes as stipulated in Central Bank of Kenya (Currency Handling) Regulations, 2010 and the latest notice released by CBK.

With the roll-out of the new banknotes, most Kenyans have been excited and are quick to share their ‘first new notes” online oblivious of the risk.
“Any person who wishes to use cash or images of cash in any publication or for any other purpose shall apply in writing to the Bank for approval,” reads a section of Legal Notice No. 124 posted on CBK’s Twitter account.

“No person shall use cash or images of cash, current or historical, for publication or promotional or any other purposes other than as currency without the prior written approval of the bank,” the notice states further.
Those who wish to use the banknotes must apply and provide CBK with information and reasons why they want to use the notes and for what purpose.
It includes; “full names and address of the applicant, nationality of the applicant, information relating to the manner and purpose for which the images are intended to be used, and specimen of the works over which such use is intended and a declaration that the intended use would not infringe on the Bank’s copyright over the cash.”

CBK then takes 14 days to decide on whether to allow or decline the request before giving feedback in writing.
The notice also says that “The CBK’s decision shall be final and the Bank shall not be obliged to render the reasons upon which any decision was reached.”

Source: the Standard

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