Prof. A. B. Kasunmu, SAN, veteran lawyer and former Attorney General of Lagos State, Prof. A. B. Kasunmu, SAN did not mince words in declaring his total support for Dr. Ajibade.

His words: “I knew Dr. Ajibade’s father more from a professional level than on a personal level. Tunde, I can say, I relate with more and on both levels. Also, through the early lecture series his office organized, which I attended, I discovered him to be someone who has a passion for both the law and the profession; a lawyer with integrity and a gentleman, who subtly but effectively upholds the true ethos of the profession. I, therefore, have no difficulty in supporting him in his aspirations to lead the NBA as its National President. He can ably restore the integrity that has been lost in the profession. The past glory of the bar that I know has to be restored and he is a precedent I can certainly look up to.”