I have been asked severally of my choice candidate for the NBA President!

In fact, I had a chat with a colleague last night who was trying to “seductively seduce” me to go with his choice candidate???and I’d to let him in of who my Best choice has been from the day “Go” of the election campaign!

So that he will stop trying to decamp me??? My choice and of course the BEST man for the job as NBA National President is no other person than Dr. Babatunde Ajibade SAN

Some colleagues have asked me why I want to vote for Him…………, Let me share a little story of mine……without using any campaign sweet talks or copy and paste, straight from my heart?

Whilst at @Unilag during my undergraduate days, Dr. Babatunde Ajibade, SAN, FCIArb usually comes for one lecture or the other upon invite to speak which I’d never missed.

In fact, once I see the posters for the event, I am always a ready attendee, save I had taken ill because I always got inspired by his teachings and lectures and even as an undergraduate, it was easy to see through his sincerity and down to earth personality

I didn’t just gain from his speaking engagements but also had a clear picture of what really the legal profession is all about and how to make up my mind to be different! I have also sat during conferences as a full fledged lawyer where he has been a guest speaker

Followed his work over the years, his story, personality and message is same anywhere and everywhere, which are Handwork, Integrity and Service to humanity.

I used to wish then that he should be the NBA President ………….And booooom! Here he is, contesting……! One of the reason I really loved going for Legal Method back in the days was because I just wanted to see Dr. Andrea Antoinette Ajibade’s beautiful face and her mannerism towards the lecture made it sank dip down my Brain ???of course I passed the course excellente✅

Just in case you are wondering….yes Dr Babatunde Ajibade SAN amiable and beautiful wife (Dr. Andrea Antoinette Ajibade) lectured me during my LLB days at Unilag and she was an excellent, easy going lecturer. ….

………..to be continued!

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Precious Toju