Great and astute minds, Permit me to lend my voice in support of the candidature of Dr Ajibade as the next NBA President.

The Dr Ajibade I know is quality control certified and sellable, both locally and internationally. He is worth the value of your votes. He is the next level. I have the privilege of working with this indefatigable man. Ajibade is not the norm. He is the change, we so desire. A breath of fresh air and, a new sense of direction for the NBA.

Ajibade represents the future. “The quality of a great man are vision, integrity, courage, understanding, the power of articulation, and profundity of character” – Dwight David Eisenhower.

Ajibade embodies these great attributes with great profundity of integrity and character.

I cut my teeth in this great profession in his office, SPA Ajibade & Co. I think I can attest to the character, integrity and work ethics of this humble giant.

I travelled the country with him, and was opportuned to spend invaluable time with him, attending to court cases all over the country. I attest to his dexterity. I attest to his passion for change and his desire for continue improvement of our great profession, and the wellbeing of lawyers. Ajibade is averse to corruption. He detests it.

Dr Ajibade’s attitude, ability to listen, and accord you the attention you deserve, at the same time selflessly working to find ways to improve working conditions for lawyers are simply astounding, and a testament to what he can do. My experience working with him speaks volume.

Lawyers in his offices are not laden with the burden of paying practicing fees every year. His offices shoulder the responsibility of paying the practicing fees of the lawyers working in his offices. That is why, I know that His manifestos for NBA is from the heart, the heart of a man who genuinely desire change, and can effect change.

He is the change we need. Untainted, proven and purpose driven. He is down to earth and downright approachable. I can’t forget the days we used to eat out in bukas all over the country.

The quality of lawyers his office produces, the enviable working conditions and superb welfare package of his lawyers attest to what this man can and will do, if given the platform to perform.

Dr Ajibade never forgets a promise made. It doesn’t matter how long it takes, he will work tirelessly towards redeeming it. That is why I strongly believe that his manifestos is from his heart.

Dr Babatunde is both the change and the answer to the NBA of the future in this new era. Let’s take a chance on him, and go all out to vote for this change that we so desire – Let’s give DR BABATUNDE AJIBADE a voice to represent, act and also speak for us.

Dr Babatunde Ajibade is the real deal.

Popoola Agbejule Esq

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