Courtroom Mail is happy to celebrate with the former President of the Nigerian Bar Association, Paul Usoro SAN on the occasion of the 36th anniversary of his wedding to Mfon Usoro,the Managing Partner of Paul Usoro & co .

LOL: While Lawyers across the country are busy celebrating them, one even sent kilishi from Kano, two Aproko Lawyers from Lagos and Akwa Ibom were busy commenting on the pictures.

Aproko Lagos: I guess she fell for those eyes.
Aproko Akwa Ibom: Is it not obvious what he fell for?

Aproko Lagos; Come First, she is forming Shy. Can you Imagine, Aproko Akwa Ibom : Don’t be too sure, if she says what’s on her mind eh ,
Aproko Lagos: You too like Aproko, What is on her mind?
Aproko Akwa Ibom: It’s been a long Journey, she is not shy, she is reminiscing
Aproko Lagos: Our Former President shaaa!
Aproko Akwa Ibom: Wetin Happen?
Aproko Lagos: You no dey see wetin I dey see?
Aproko Akwa Ibom: Wetin you dey see,Aproko?
Aproko Lagos: What do you think he is saying?
Aproko Akwa Ibom: He is telling her how much he loves her. You like Aproko too much.
Aproko Lagos: Noo, I just dey look the thing wey e carry for two hands shaa
Aproko Lagos: This Kain Picnic for Inside house.
Aproko Akwa Ibom: You never hear of Covid-19? Na wa for you.
Aproko Lagos: If not for Covid, MP would have dragged him to one Island in Burkina Faso.
Aproko Akwa Ibom: I am beginning to doubt your Call to bar certificate, there is no Island in Burkina Faso
Aproko Lagos: I like this one.
Aproko Akwa Ibom: Na the only thing wey you don like for your life be this.
Aproko Lagos: E come be like say they wan….
Aproko Akwa Ibom: Shut up! I don tell you, na aproko go kill you.

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Aproko Akwa Ibom: The Kilishi supplied by Aminu Gadanya of NBA Kano is really hitting the right spot.
Aproko Lagos: I see wetin you see

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