By Evans Ufeli Esq

If you are below 40 years in Nigeria chances are that you were born during the military era or after and by implication, this would also mean that you possibly have witnessed fully or partly of our 20 unbroken years of democratic dispensation under the Fourth Republic. Wherever you belong in the aforementioned bracket, you are a part of the generation born into deprivation in Nigeria.

I will explain. This is imperative because most people don’t know the psychological effect of my premise and many also don’t equally know that they have been and are still living in acute lack of the basic needs of life which is the duty of government to provide for the citizens at all times in compliance with their fundamental right to the dignity of their human person and the respect and confidence a country ought to repose on her citizen. The Nigerian youths are  perhaps the most neglected in the world by their political ruling class. Many of you are not aware. This explains why your comments are brutal on social media against the very ones who stick their necks out to remind you of how deep you have sunk.

People lose faith, I mean the conscious, when a country cannot stir its economy to promote employment or develop a workable strategy to deliver on maximum and relentless power supply just so this may trigger small scale businesses and encourage manufacturing. People lose faith! When government policies are in shambles and our leaders in direlection of duties draw salaries from the Federation Account without restrain. People lose faith!

People lose faith in a system that cannot deliver quality education to the generation it intend to lead her in the distant future. Where the leaders gleefully take their children to school oversee in confirmation to the establish fact that these leaders have no faith in the system they superintend over. Where the out of school children in Nigeria has reached a climax of it own as currently struggles under the weight of its internal contradictions. People lose faith.

People beat up their leaders when they lose faith in their abilities to change the narrative. Just resently a former deputy senate president – Ike Ekweremadu was beaten in Germany on account of the failure of leadership in Nigeria. When people lose faith they take the laws into their own hands and call for violence.

People lose faith if after all these, their right to peaceful assemby and freedom of speech is stifled by a government that undermines the principles of democracy which she swore under oath to defend. We are thrown into a jambalaya anguish because of government’s allergy to criticism and clear opposition. People lose faith as the Sowore’s led #RevolutionNowis disbanded and the state security services moves in search for evidence to prosecution a man who before the protest took place has been arrested and committed to detention.

People lose faith in a country where the police now go around scouting for events to disrupt because everyone is now a terrorist. People lose faith! People lose faith in a system that has failed to protect the lives and properties of her citizen’s but is quick to clampdown on citizens exercising their fundamental right to peaceful protest  and lawful assembly.  Be guided, people lose faith whenever needs aren’t met, they get even more agitatated where demands are made and government is busy responding to the protest rather than addressing the issues raise therein. The revolution and the call for change, redemption and liberation will never cease in Nigeria as far as economic injustice subsist in the Nigerian atmosphere.

People lose faith! 

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