The next National Executive Committee (NEC) Meeting of the Nigerian Bar Association (NBA) coming up in December will not be a jamboree Courtroom Mail reports. It will be a meeting stricto sensu. That is good news for the Nigerian Bar Association.

Paul Usoro in his bid for the Presidency of Nigeria’s most influential Professional Association,  the NBA,has made a promise to cut cost in the way the affairs of the association is conducted.He seems to be resolute about it.

On the 12th of November 2018,the Secretary of the Nigerian Bar Association issued a notice of NEC meeting for the association and three important things stood out.

The NEC meetings of the association has always been conducted like a mini social conference where lawyers travel from far and wide to attend the two day meeting with the intention to socialise. It has become ingrained in the culture of the bar to seek sponsorship from state governors for mere holding of NEC Meetings which most of the times determine the venue of the meeting .How this practice affects the independence of the Bar vis a vis relationship with politicians is still being speculated and none of the speculations is in favour of the bar.

The notice issued by the Secretary has advised that documents for the meeting would be circulated to NEC members by email ahead of the meeting date. This is unprecedented. Members have were also advised to attend with their smart devices .There will be less paper.

The next NEC meeting of 2018 which is the first under the leadership Mr Usoro will be different in three ways.

  1. Paperless NEC up to speed with International Practice which will reduce cost and impact positively on the environment with the reduction of paper.
  2. It will promote the independence of the Bar. The meeting will be held at the NBA Office as against the cities of the highest bidder usually state governors.
  3. The meeting will be more of a business meeting and not a mini conference or social activity.

This move has been widely hailed for being cost efficient and in line with Lawyers to see an independent association.

As Lawyers converge in Abuja to deliberate on the state of the bar, Rule of Law and other related matters will be in the front burner.  Lawyers across the country await eagerly on what communique the NBA will come out with.