The President of the Nigerian Bar Association,Mr Paul Usoro has put to rest the controversy surrounding the fake news that he was arrested by the EFCC yesterday and a subsequent story that he will be arraigned on Monday.

The President was never arrested yesterday as some fake news outlets reported. The President had more than 8 weeks ago explained to the EFCC that the money paid to him was for legal services delivered for Akwa Ibom State government  alongside other law firms .

He explained that the fees were paid to him in bulk to pay out to  other lawyers who were involved in delivering legal services.

He further stated that it was wrong for the EFCC to interfere with lawyers legal fees because of Lawyer -Client relationship which comes with privileges and which is contractual in nature.

He emphasized that the only person that has the locus standi to bring an action in respect of that are parties to it not government agencies.

He referred NEC members to some court decisions and reminded them that a Senior Advocate of Nigeria,Mike Ozehkome has been a victim of that kind of interference.

He concluded by telling lawyers that he saw the need to explain it being the President of the Nigerian Bar Association.

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