Paul Usoro and Eastern Bar Forum -FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS

  1. Is Paul Usoro qualified to run for the Presidency of the Nigerian Bar Association (NBA)?

ANSWER: Yes he is and he has been cleared to run by the Election Committee of the Nigerian Bar Association (ECNBA)

  1. But the Presidency was zoned to the Eastern Zone?

ANSWER: Yes it was zoned to the  Eastern Zone which pursuant to section 2.2(ii) of the third schedule of the NBA Constitution includes Abia, Imo, River, Enugu, Anambra,Cross River,Akwa Ibom and Bayelsea .

  1. I heard Paul Usoro was not adopted by the Eastern Zone.

ANSWER: Eastern Zone? That is not correct.The EasternZone did not adopt anybody.

  1. How about Eastern Bar Forum(EBF)?

ANSWER: The Eastern Bar Forum is an association of about 150 members out of more than 15,000 Lawyers in the Eastern Zone .The NBA does not recognize it    and there are other lawyers association in the Eastern Zone too   so if a small group decides to adopt their member, it is unreasonable to say the whole of the Eastern Zone did.

  1. Does the NBA Constitution recognize any of these groups?

ANSWER: No. They are unknown to the NBA.

  1. The Eastern Bar Forum has been saying that it is the turn of the Igbo speaking part of the Zone.

ANSWER: That Association is first of all not recognized by the NBA.Fromtheir Structure,it is made up of people from Old Imo State, Old Anambra State,Old Cross Rivers and Old Rivers State. All these sub zones have produced presidents except old Cross River State so how did they arrive at that?

  1. Again, the EBF has said that it is not yet the turn of the non Igbo speaking part.

ANSWER: Ok, let us look at history a bit. Since Post crises NBA (1998) the following have been president of the NBA.

  1. Onueze Chukwujinka Joseph Okocha- Igbo Speaking
  2. Olisa Agbakoba- Igbo speaking
  3. Okechukwu Wali- Igbo Speaking

So what exactly are they saying?

  1. They Said they called Paul Usoro to contest against Okechukwu Wali in 2012 but he refused?

ANSWER: That is the most ridiculous of all allegations. Paul Usoro is not a member of EBF and has never been. How could they have called a person that is not their member to come and contest against their member in 2012? Okechukwu Wali has been a dedicated and loved member of EBF.Ebf could not have invited someone to contest against him especially a non member. This is common sense.

  1. What is the agreement in respect of General Secretary?

ANSWER: The position of the General Secretary is an Important position,all the time it came to the zone, the following took it

A. Philip Ndubuisi Ume- Igbo Speaking

B. Emeka Obegolu- Igbo Speaking

C. Afam Osigwe- Igbo Speaking

10. Are we not tribalising?

ANSWER: Well, the 2015 Constitution of the NBA tries to ensure fairness; so within the ambit of the constitution of the Nigerian Bar Association which recognizes zoning, it may not be called tribalising.

  1. I did not know all these about this EBF controversy. More Lawyers should be informed about this.

ANSWER: We agree with you. It has been sold perfectly well to lawyers who do not know. Kindly help educate lawyers on this issue.

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