Police in Kamuli District are holding a Pastor who confessed to stealing property from a shrine and using part of it in his Church.

Mr Michael Kasadha, the Busoga North Regional Police Spokesperson, on Thursday identified the suspect as Pastor Alex Mukisa of Prayer-force Ministries in Butabala, Kamuli District.

According to Mr Kasadha, the suspect went to Paul Alilumboyo’s shrine and fled with some of the property.

“The Pastor is said to have trespassed into the shrine and took property worth Shs3m, including fetishes, the sacred cash basket with Shs1.6m and patients’ clothes among others,” he said.

According to Mr Alilumboyo, somebody went into his shrine a week ago as he reportedly engaged spirits in Teso Sub-Region, and one of his patients’ told him she had seen her 3-metre-long Nytil cloth at a certain Church altar which belongs to Pastor Mukisa.

The Pastor confessed to detectives at Butabala Police Post that he had raided the shrine not to steal, but pit the Prayer-force Ministries’ powers against spirits, the reason he took out the clothes and put them in the Church’s altar.

“When I entered the shrine, I took the bed sheets and ‘gomesis’ to the Church’s Altar, dedicated the fetishes to Holy Spirit to disable their powers and render them impotent and harmless after which I’ll testify to my followers how they are conned by witch-doctors,” he said.  He, however, denied taking any money.

Mr Kasadha said that the suspect will be charged with trespass, malicious damage to property and theft once investigations are complete.

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