The Pan African Lawyers Union, today issued a statement condemning the killing of foreigners in South Africa. See statement below.

Statement by the Pan African Lawyers Union on the situation in South Africa

The Pan African Lawyers Union (PALU) is paying close attention to the ongoing attacks and reprisal attacks in South Africa over the last two weeks.
We note, with regret, the breach of fundamental liberties and the exacerbation of violence, which has been recurring, and has led to the deplorable loss of human lives and destruction of properties even as the law enforcement agencies in South Africa appear helpless.
Recalling the universal principles that guarantee the right to life, right to own properties, freedom of movement and the right to state protection, which must be safeguarded in all circumstances:
The Pan-African Lawyers Union:
Condemns the violent attacks and repression committed by some South Africans against foreigners who reside and/or carry on business in the republic of South Africa.
Invites the Law Enforcement Officers to be alive to their statutory responsibility of protecting the lives and properties of all human beings in South Africa, irrespective of their nationalities.
Condemn the reprisal attacks on South Africans and South African interests in South Africa and across the Continent of Africa by non South Africans.
Invites the Government of South Africa to institute legal proceedings against the perpetrators of this violent repression.
Calls upon the Government of South Africa to uphold the rule of law and to guarantee to all persons living in South Africa the protection of their fundamental liberties.
Recommends the pursuit of a constructive political dialogue with a view to a lasting solution to the crisis.
PALU will be conducting an investigation into the crisis and in the meantime, we urge all Africans living in South Africa to continue to live together in peace with mutual respect for each other in the best traditions of Africa.

Dated this 4th day of September 2019
Chief Emeka J. P. Obegolu

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