The Pan African Lawyers Union (PALU) condemns the widespread violence that has characterized elections in some parts of Nigeria during the 2019 general elections and calls on security agencies to ensure the security of lives and properties and the sanctity of the voting process.

The President of PALU, Chief Emeka Obegolu, made this call in Abuja upon review of the reports from observers and news from the print and electronic media with reports of violence and in some cases, leading to death of electorates and security men.

He invited Nigerians to note the AU report of the Panel of the wise as follows:

“Elections are the hallmark of representative democracy, allowing the peoples’ regular input in choices about leaders and policy. Yet they are also competitive processes, unleashing conflict and tensions that, if not constructively managed, could potentially destabilize the fabric of states and societies”

He urged political actors to show by words and conduct that they subscribe to the electoral laws of Nigeria as we await the official results of the election.

PALU is wishing Nigerians and Nigeria well and the very best at this critical time in her democracy.

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