An Oregon man named Fidel Lopez was handed the maximum sentence for raping a dog that later had to be euthanized, a report says.
The 52-year-old suspect was arrested after his girlfriend became worried that he had attacked her small Lhasa apso after the dog began whimpering and hiding underneath a couch.
A police report says that when the dog was inspected, it was found injured and bloody. The woman asked the police to perform a rape kit on the animal and said that her boyfriend had talked of his interest in bestiality.
According to officials, the suspect’s DNA was found among the dog’s wounds. The animal was so injured that it was eventually euthanized.

Lopez was arrested and later handed a 60-day jail sentence for raping the dog. The sentence is the maximum allowable by state law.

“If it could have been more, I gladly would have given you more time,” the judge said during the sentencing phase of the man’s trial.

After his sentence, Lopez will also be prohibited from owning pets for 15 years and must undergo a mental health evaluation and a counseling program. Lopez must also pay the dog’s owner a $500 restitution.

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