The One Love Foundation and the Vanguard for the Independence of the Judiciary in a synergy against impunity has demanded the immediate suspension of Danladi Umar as the Chairman of Code of Conduct Tribunal owing to his disgraceful conduct of viciously assaulting a poor Male Guard at the Banex Plaza Abuja .

The joint Statement jointly issued by the President of One Love Foundation -Chief Patrick Eholor and the President of the Vanguard for the Independence of the Judiciary-Douglas Ogbankwa Esq., partly reads thus :

“The Conduct of Danladi Umar the Chairman of the Code of Conduct Tribunal is infra dig a Judicial Officer in Nigeria and runs at variance with the Current Code of Conduct for Judicial Officers in Nigeria ,which abhors such street like conduct that has made the Judiciary in Nigeria to be viewed with odium and opprobrium in the eyes of right thinking Members of the Public

Danladi Umar who is used to giving clandestine Ex Parte Orders against high ranking Statutorily Appointed Leaders of Organs or Agencies of the Federal Government ,sadly has had his own Ruling in the Court of Public Opinion as the referenced viral video of Danladi Umar fighting in the car Park of a Mall, is reminiscent of Wrestle mania 25. It does seem any more , that evil that men do live after them, but along with them as the despicable physical tirade of Danladi Umar at Banex Plaza, Abuja is a sufficient demonstration of the natural law karma, that you reap what you sow .

We call on the Chief Justice of Nigeria, Justice Tanko Mohammed, through the appropriate Organ to wield the big stick and Suspend Danladi Umar as his conduct as evidenced in the viral video is a disgrace to the Nigerian Judiciary.This is keeping with International Best Practices .”

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