As we look forward to the 2020 Nigerian Bar Association (NBA) national elections, it has become very necessary that serious steps are taken to secure the electoral process.

In an ongoing Facebook poll on a group called Nigerian Bar Association Members, in respect of the NBA presidential elections. It was shocking to realise that a group of lawyers, in order to boost the ratings of a particular candidate, smuggled in several non lawyers, including spouses and friends of lawyers who were themselves non lawyers, among others, to vote.

It is quite shameful.

The issue here is that if in a mere opinion poll, some lawyers will cheat so badly, what can be expected to happen in the elections proper? One should expect more of the same of course. We can expect that some lawyers will employ dubious tactics and manipulations to ensure victory at the polls.

This represents the Bar at its lowest. It represents a Bar of cheats and criminals.

The leadership of the NBA is therefore called upon to ensure that the National elections are free, fair and credible. Bold and drastic steps need to be taken to protect voters, votes and the NBA. Otherwise, the already existing view of lawyers as corrupt criminals will be further enhanced.

Long live the NBA.

Sopuru Obeke Esq

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