Silhouette oil rigs and pumps
Legal Experts in the oil and gas industry are set to gather in Lagos to fashion a roadmap for effective implementation of the Petroleum Industry Bill.

Scheduled for the highbrow Southern Sun Hotel, Ikoyi, the two-day retreat holding on October 26 and 27 is designed to interrogate key issues in the PIB debacle in order to achieve seamless implementation.
According to Ms. Raqeebah Oloko, the Managing Director of Bromshy Communications Limited – an oil and gas legal training consultancy firm- this year’s theme “Petroleum Industry Bill: Its implementation a panacea for sustainable growth and self reliance” was chosen to provide solutions to the numerous challenges threatening the future of the industry.
Starting with the high cost of production, price cuts, high demand of the US Shale crude, alternative sources of energy and introduction of electronic vehicles into the market to mention a few.
The retreat is aimed to provide the petroleum industry stakeholders with a platform to rethink the legal framework for the oil and gas industry,  position the industry as a global player, and ensure sustainable local utilisation and effective management of the hydrocarbon resource.
Additionally, the  stakeholders will devise a holistic approach in containing agitations by host communities and interest groups especially in the restive Niger Delta region as well as x-ray the fortunes and future of the oil and gas lawyer.

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