By Ogaga Emoghwanre, Esq

Gentlemen of the bar and men of goodwill, please join me roll out the drums, cymbals, guitars, pianos and heighten the sound of them all, as we celebrate an Iroko, a living legend, a debonair, an unassuming effervescent and quintessential gentleman with sartorial splendor and with a keen sense of style, finesse, beauty, and decency.

I Ogaga Emoghwanre, Esq, join the Saints and mortals to celebrate the first phase of your historic milestone, as we are all aware that you have always being a primus inter pares. Your natal day today opens a new vista of greater opportunities to come.

Celebrating Mr. Austin Alegeh, SAN, FClArb, Past President, Life Bencher, and a Trustee of the Nigerian Bar Association should not be like every other festivity, it should be religious and traditional because of his glittering, sterling, and impeccable dispositions.

Today may be like any other day for some, but a special, glamorous, and illuminating day for you. It is not the years of our lives that count but the life of our years.

With a great personality and a brilliant mind, an awesome leader like you is hard to find. You are a prime example of dedication, hard work, and steadfastness which has culminated in you being the National leader of modern times.

People like you do not have to run after success, success follows you as you are a personification of same.

You are a man who breaks down barriers, explores new frontiers, sets records only to break them.

You are quintessential in all that you do, a leader par excellence. You are revolutionary and progressive in ideas.

I grew up knowing you, Sir, and I have learned three things from you:


My wish for you on your birthday is that you always be happy and healthy.

May you live a prosperous and abundant life in Jesus’ Name.


Cherish and savor the unprecedented love of God in your life and enjoy your Natal day to the fullest.


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