Dr. Babatunde Ajibade SAN doesn’t know me. I have never met him personally nor seen him physically, though I have been following his activities for quite some time. I am extensively fascinated by his overwhelming personality, intimidating humility, commendable independence, potent diplomacy, astounding integrity and wonderful plans and programs for the NBA.

Based on their respective profiles, individual inherent tenacity, practicable programs and executable manifestos (not mere rhetorical postulations), the difference between Dr. Ajibade SAN and other presidential candidates is as clear as midnight tintinnabulation.

The monumental success, prodigious achievements and radical innovational developments recorded by the outgoing administration of Mr. Paul Usoro SAN must be sustained. However, there is the likelihood of the NBA going back to the inimical old order, with the arbitrary adoption and unpopular imposition of a candidate by an infinitesimal hegemonic ethnic group. One other candidate still has his name to clear of allegations of financial irregularities while he was the Chairman of his branch, while the other candidate, who is more of a business executive, apparently lacks the required temerity and experience to confront the endless intimidations from government and protect the profession from the recklessness of unscrupulous law enforcement officers and overzealous security agencies. 

Consequently, every discerning mind, devoid of bias, parochial interest, undue influence, sectional considerations or political affiliation would certainly have no difficulty in choosing Dr. Babatunde Ajibade SAN as the most suitable person for the very critical position of the NBA President at this time.

 (NBA Ikeja Branch)