Respected Colleagues, as we commemorate Nigeria’s independence, 59 years on, it is pertinent that we reflect soberly on the visions of our fore fathers, who struggled doggedly for what we celebrate today, viz-a-viz our present political and economic development as an independent State. And as true Patriots, may we proffer ways to attaining greatness.

May the spirit of Patriotism abide in us now and always, that we may see and believe in the possibility of Nigeria’s greatness and most importantly, eschew political sentiments as we advice the people in government.

As unbiased patriots and ‘ministers in the temple of justice’, may we rise in unison against all forms of injustice and suppression of Rule of Law at all times.

Let’s call on the Government to employ more serious measures towards protection of lives and property of her citizenry, as insecurity and its attendant tension waxes on daily basis across the nation.

As we celebrate, let us remember our heroes past, who set us free from the shackles of colonial masters, and all those who lost their lives fighting for the freedom and unity of our dear Nation. Let’s remember them in our prayers always.

And as we pray for peace, unity and a more progressive Nigeria, let us pray for a more strengthened Legal Profession.


Okey Leo Ohagba, Esq. pnm. ChMC.
Immediate Past NBA 1st Asst. Secretary.

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