Another smear campaign to ridicule Africa’s biggest bar association has met a devastating end.
Lawyers are increasingly worried over the rise in fake news by lawyers themselves who have deployed the social media to maliciously disseminate fake news.
A very senior member of the bar has falsely posted on his twitter account that the NBA was paying a youth corper N1.8 Million Naira to manage its accounts.

Another law blog without investigating the assertion added N200,000 to the alleged sum and sadly increased the amount to 2million in their report.

Lawyers are confused as to which amount to believe.
According to the information received by Courtroom Mail from the NBA,a staff of PwC who is a chartered Accountant,Mr Abayomi Ogunlana was seconded to the NBA by PwC. He’s PwC’s contract staff who was also doing his NYSC, during this period. He’s supervised on a daily basis by two senior personnel of PwC, both Chartered Accountants.

In effect, the NBA pays N350k per Quarter for three PwC Chartered Accountants who are managing their books. The cost is seen as a very good one negotiated by the President with a reputable organisation like PwC.
The two other Chartered Accountants are Oghenefego Adaja, Abayomi’s immediate supervisor and Gabriel Sosanya .
The Services of PwC has brought sanity to the resources’ management of the NBA.
Lawyers across the country hail the arrangement which has sanitized NBA generally.
The letter of defining the relationship of the NBA and PwC dated 14th of January 2019 was also obtained by Courtroom Mail.

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