Young lawyers under the umbrella of New Wigs for Ajibade (NWFA) have declared their unalloyed support for Dr. Babatunde Ajibade SAN aspiration to lead the bar.

NWFA is a democratized platform comprising of six immediate past Presidents of the Nigerian Law School (NLS) Campuses, current Legal Aid CDS Presidents, former Faculty of Law Presidents, former Student Union leaders, influential and popular young lawyers, conservative and liberal young lawyers, intellectuals, award winning young lawyers from NLS and the University etc.
In whole, the platform is made up of reputable New Wigs that were called to the Nigerian bar recently. It is a well-organized platform with State Chapters and members across 36 States of the Federation.

One of the major reason for the group’s support of Dr. Ajibade SAN as cited by Sunday Agaji (Fmr President Nigerian Law School Abuja), is his constant show of support for young lawyers.

“Dr. Ajibade SAN has constantly showed support for young lawyers through mentorship, career guidance and coaching for several years. This has endeared a lot of young lawyers to Dr. Ajibade.
The group further believes that Dr. Ajibade will unite the bar since he represents all generation of lawyers irrespective of class or area of practice. The group believes that if you want change, you must get involved. It therefore calls on all generation of lawyers including the millennial generation to get involved by supporting Dr. Ajibade SAN as the next NBA President.

Sunday Agaji, for New Wigs for Ajibade.

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