A group of solicitors and barristers has today launched the Association of Pandemic Lawyers (‘PanLaw’) in response to the ongoing fallout for the profession and society of Covid-19.

PanLaw, spearheaded by Thomas More Chambers in London’s Lincoln’s Inn Fields, aims to provide a ’forum for lawyers and legal academics with an interest in all laws relating to the COVID-19 pandemic and lockdown’. One of its principal aims is to provide a co-ordinated response to the legal issues arising from the pandemic.

PanLaw’s objectives also include promoting or producing research, conferences, webinars, and articles on its website. The group says it wants to reduce the chances of any future pandemic ’having the same or worse consequences than Covid-19’.

PanLaw is charging qualified solicitors and barristers £200 for annual membership, with lower fees for trainees and academics.