Nene Amagatcher, Chair, International Bar Association-African Regional Forum(IBA-AF)  and Anthony Atata, Vice Chair- International Bar Association-African Regional Forum were guests at  113 Chancery Lane,London  on the 30th of May 2018 where a top level meeting of the leadership of the Law society of England and IBA-African Regional Forum took place.

The meeting which was presided over by Christina Blacklaws ,the Vice President and incoming President of the Law Society discussed areas of collaboration with  the African Regional forum.

Discussions on Artificial intelligence (AI) in the Legal Profession were top on the list as the Law society stated the progress it has made in associating with the integration of AI in the legal Profession. Both associations agreed that AI has come to stay and efforts should be made to educate Lawyers on the need to embrace it.

Capacity building for Young African Lawyers was discussed and communication opened between the forum and the society to continue to share information and ideas on how this can be effectively achieved.

The African Regional Forum(AF) and the Law Society also considered a collaboration in helping with the growth of weak Bar Associations in Africa.

Both organisations agreed to share information that will help to successfully undertake the proposed goals.

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