The NBA released a statement signed by the president of the NBA on the shocking postponement of the Elections in the wee hours of the Election day.

The statement read:

16 February 2019

  1. The Nigerian Bar Association is confounded by and disappointed with the postponement by the Independent National Electoral Commission (“INEC”), in the wee hours of this morning, of the elections that were scheduled to hold today, 16 February 2019 and on 02 March 2019. We are confounded by the postponement, considering the serial assurances that INEC had, prior to this morning, given of its preparedness for the conduct of the elections; INEC had also expressly assured that postponement of the elections was not howsoever in contemplation. Our disappointment is compounded by the fact that none of the reasons that INEC has proffered justifies the postponement; all the reasons, with some diligence, could have been remediated.
  2. It was particularly unkind for INEC to announce the postponement only hours
    to the opening of the polls for the national elections today, knowing as we all do that
    most Nigerians register for elections in their States of origin and had traveled there
    from their various stations to exercise their civic rights. The cost in manhours,
    resources and inconveniences cannot be readily quantified not to mention the risk
    to personal safety. Worse, we run the risk that some who may have to return to their
    work stations early next week may not be able to travel again for the rescheduled
    polls next weekend. We read the INEC announcement and listened to its broadcast
    to hear how INEC intends to mitigate that possibility and nothing was said in that
  3. INEC needs to be reminded that a free, fair and credible election starts with
    the preparations therefor by the Electoral Commission. If the Commission is unable
    to exercise its functions without avoidable glitches, it is difficult to see how it could
    justifiably impose sanctions on infracting political parties who give excuses for their
    infractions similar to the ones that INEC has given today for the postponement of the
    elections. Regulatory authorities such as INEC require discipline and
    foresightedness to carry out their functions. It is only by imbibing those twin virtues, amongst others and showing same by conduct that they can justifiably sanction
    infracting parties over whom they exercise regulatory control.
  4. NBA hopes that the new dates of 23 February 2019 and 09 March 2019 for
    the rescheduled elections are sacrosanct and the preparations therefor will be
    foolproof and glitch-free. Our democracy can only prosper and be strengthened if
    our electoral umpire does not give room for disputation of election results through
    sloppy arrangements and inadequate preparations. Our elections can only be
    adjudged free, fair and credible if INEC does not give room for speculations or
    concerns about its readiness and preparations for the elections. Nigerians can only
    have faith in the electoral process if, amongst others, there is no room for
    suppositions as to the motives – hidden, ulterior or unknown – of INEC for taking
    certain actions, including but not limited to the postponement of elections.
  5. In concluding, we urge Nigerians not to give up or tire out. We must give INEC
    the benefit of the doubt and turn out in our numbers to vote for the parties of our
    choice on the rescheduled dates for the elections i.e. 23 February 2019 and 09 March
  6. As the NBA pointed out in its 2019 New Year Message:
    “This is the year that we would decide both at the national and States levels
    how we wish to be governed and into whose hands we will entrust our affairs
    and lives . . . The decisions of our rulers directly impact and determine the
    course of our lives. It determines the quality of our lives, not only from an
    economic standpoint but also from our health, longevity and developmental
    standpoints. Our decisions at the polls will determine the quality of life for
    our youths and children from an educational prism as well as from the
    perspectives of employment and self-development opportunities. The quality
    of rulers that we will vote into power this year will determine whether we move
    from a perennially consumptive economy into a productive and hopefully an
    industrialized economy; it would determine whether we would, in our lifetimes
    ever be assured of such basic necessities like pervasive energy supply and
    provision of potable water and primary health care for our citizens. The
    Elections of 2019 should and must therefore serve as a defining moment for
    our country.”
    Paul Usoro, SAN

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