It is no news that over the past few weeks, lawyers have expressed their grievances, particularly on social media, over allegations of delay in service delivery by the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) due to the recent change in protocol of the CAC.

Many lawyers have criticized CAC over the delay and indicated that the delays have made them seem incompetent to their clients.

Responding to this, the President of the NBA, Olumide Akpata, has set up a Presidential Task Force to look into the complaints of lawyers about the CAC and engage with the Registrar-General in order to come up with a workable solutions for all stakeholders involved.
Speaking on the setting up of the task force, President Akpata said “I have been inundated with complaints from various lawyers over the past few weeks about the delay in processes at the CAC, including for corporate searches, registration of companies, Incorporated Trustees, business name and post-incorporation filings. I recognise that smooth running of processes at the CAC is key to ease of doing business across the country and as such, I have set up a Presidential Task Force to immediately look into the complaints received and engage with the Registrar-General of the CAC to see how we can together arrive at a solution that works for lawyers, clients and indeed the CAC itself”.
He continued “While the current conditions may not seem to reflect it, I understand that the goal of the CAC is to ensure that business men and women doing business in Nigeria and lawyers who work for them are able to easily carry out the necessary procedures at the CAC swiftly and conveniently. This is why I have placed on this eight-man Task Force the duty of working with the CAC to see that this goal is achieved. The Task Force consists of people who understand the challenges intrinsically, have close working relationships with the CAC and who I am confident can deliver on this duty. I urge all lawyers and stakeholders to co-operate with them and exercise patience while we work towards a solution that works for all.”
The members of the Presidential Task Force are as follows:  
Chairman – Mr. Ayuli Jemide ;
Vice Chairman – Mr. Victor Frank-Briggs;
Secretary – Ms. Olubukola Olonade-Agaga ;
Member – Mr. Folarin Aluko;
Member – Mr. Marx Ikongbeh;
Member – Ms. Uche Nwadialo;
Member – Mr. Chike Madubuike; and
Member – Mr. Ahmed Modibbo .

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