The Nigerian Bar Association (NBA) joins all Nigerians in celebrating the grand occasion of the 60th Anniversary of our great nation as an independent and sovereign entity.

It seems just like a few years ago that we celebrated the 50th anniversary of our independence in 2010. Alas, like a famous poet noted, time’s winged chariot hurries ever near.
Indeed, while we have abundant reasons to celebrate our continuous existence as a nation, it is important to acknowledge that recent events have tested our collective resolve, and it is a testament to our resilience and collective will that we have weathered, and continue to weather, these storms.

The NBA uses this occasion to call on the Government and people of Nigeria to rededicate ourselves to our democratic ideals of respect of the fundamental principles of our union including respect for the supremacy of the Constitution and the Rule of Law; unqualified obedience of all orders of court; respect for the fundamental rights of citizens, and to continually strive towards a country based on equity and fairness.
Happy Diamond Jubilee!


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