The President of the Nigerian Bar Association(NBA) has informed the NBA Prosecution team that it is exempted from the dissolution of committees announced in his inaugural speech. However,he stated that the exemption will be, pendingĀ  the imminent review and reconstitution of the team.

In a circular dated the 8th of September 2018, the President stated that the planned review and reconstitution will focus amongst others on the modus operandi and efficiency of the team,in all encompassing manner covering amongst others,cost efficiency,efficiency in terms of the number and quality of team members taking into account,amongst others,the number of petitions that are pending before the Legal Practitioners Disciplinary Committee(LPDC) and the number of petitions that are received averagely each month.

He stated that his regime will collaborate with relevant stakeholders and agencies to review the disciplinary provisions that are contained in the various legislation and bye laws in order to upgrade and update them in step with present day realities and requirement.