By Moruff O. Balogun Esq.

Nothing speaks to the followers the way good record does.
Apart from being a seasoned learned silk,Dr. BABATUNDE AJIBADE SAN is a man whose mission and vision is quite all encompassing and all embracing. People especially legal practitioners are not easily cowed into submission by any leader unless they are convinced that such a leader is stronger than themselves, and equally has lofty ideas to benefit them.

The legal originality of the learned silk is secondus nullus.It is high time we jettison sentiment and collectively give our unending supports to a man who is endowed with knowledge, wisdom and creativity to take our noble bar to the desired pedestal.
Learned gentlemen,we could not afford to repeat the mistakes of the past where an unimaginable distance was created between the leaders and the led.
The learned silk ,DR. Babatunde Ajibade SAN has shown sense of all inclusiveness in him,even when he had not become the president of our noble bar.
In the Eastern bar,the learned silk is a notable person whose impacts have been greatly felt. The only song the Arewa lawyers are singing is that which is quite supportive.Even among the Egbe Amofins where he himself is a prominent member,put sentiment aside,we are all giving it to the learned silk.
The creativity of the learned silk is a point that gives him an edge over other candidates.
While many lawyers stay at home without more due to the widespread of Covid 19,the learned silk had shown to us that lawyers could even make more money and enhance his legal knowledge while staying at home.
Dr. Babatunde Ajibade SAN recently moderated an International Bar Webinar on “Regulation of the legal profession in Africa” organized by IBA law firm management committee.
The learned silk is a renowned court general and commercial law expert.
For the past 12 years, he has been organizing an annual business luncheon where prominent and distinguished legal personalities dish out useful legal knowledge and lofty ideas for the growth of our noble profession.

The learned silk is such a person whose major concern is to find lasting solutions to the challenges that plague legal profession such as welfare of lawyers etc.
Gentlemen of the bar, the best shoe in the market is always reserved a man who could afford the price. Let’s give our total supports to the man who has been tested,trusted and confirmed…DR. Babatunde Ajibade SAN.

Compiled by : Moruff O. Balogun Esq. ( Ijebu Ode 08052871414

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