Because most lawyers are not administrators or trained in basic administrative skills, it is nearly impossible for them to keep records of their activities, memberships and in turn provide necessary data when required.

Regarding NBA national elections the following officers of the Branch are responsible for ensuring that list of eligible voters are provided for on time:

  1. The secretary (through the membership and allied matters committee of the Branch)
  2. The financial Secretary and the Treasurer (working together under the finance committee)

The key officer here is the Secretary himself who can easily delegate this duty to the Asst secretary or a qualified admin staff (if the branch can afford to employ one)

BRANCHES with less than 500 members have the easiest job when it comes to compilation of eligible voters. While the bigger branches may have an excuse, it may not matter if Branches compile their list from the begining of the year.


  1. USE OF COMPUTER SOFTWARE: While I worked at Advocates International, I used Microsoft Excel and Access to Compile, edit, analyse and produce all sorts of data including our membership data which comprised of 1000s of lawyers, judges and law students in over 100 countries
  2. Employ a data analyst or an administrator who can compile and report
  3. Trainings: Immediately Branches do their elections they can add value by training key branch officers in areas of administration.

By and large it would take most branches less than a week to update and submit all required details.

Yes, the national body also has a role to play in this that’s why we must drill those who contest for elections both at the national and branch levels. It’s not about just filling up a position but about service.

Going forward, members alike must cooperate with their Branches in responding to requests made by the leadership, we must write our names and other information legibly for the secretary to process and finally, we need to volunteer ourselves to work for the good of the Association.

“An effective NBA Association sustains professionalism, discipline and economic stability for all lawyers”

Bayo Akinlade Esq