The NBA has stepped up to bringing good change by commencing payments of fees online. The new system is expected to make the transactions easier and more convenient for lawyers while also encouraging transparency in the affairs of the NBA.

The idea is one of the promises made by the NBA leadership during the campaign.

The letter issued by the President of the NBA on the 10th of February 2019 reads:

Dear Colleagues

  1. We are pleased to inform you that you can now register and make any and all
    kinds of payments to the NBA on the new NBA online payments portal. The pilot
    projects are the Bar Practice and Verification Fees but this would be extended shortly
    to include other fees.
  2. The benefits of the NBA portal include the following:
    • Increased efficiency and seamless and instant payments (of all kinds) to the
    NBA including Bar Practice Fees.
    • Ease of payments to NBA by and from lawyers and other stakeholders.
    Payments can be made online, both within and outside Nigeria.
    • Enhanced use of technology for the efficient administration of the Bar and
    provision of services. The benefits include real-time information and data
  3. Kindly click on ( to login to the new NBA portal.
    Follow the steps below to register:
    I. An email has been sent to the email address of verified lawyers only, which
    states that an account has been created for you. The email contains an
    activation code link to set up your password.
    II. If the activation link sent to your email expires, please click on, enter your Supreme
    Court (SC) number and follow the instructions to reset your password.
    III. Once password reset has been done successfully, kindly click on to login to your account
    IV. Upon successful login, kindly click on the menu tab to view the list of
    functionalities available. For Desktop users, the menu tab is located at the top,
    and for mobile users, it is located on the left side.
    V. All unverified lawyers should visit
    to begin the verification process.
  4. If you didn’t receive an email or you are unable to do a password reset, please
    send a mail to
  5. A process flow diagram is attached to this message for your assistance.
  6. Additional Information
    Below is the list of menu options and their descriptions:
    a. Profile: This shows your information with NBA.
    b. ICLE: This shows your courses and points accrued, currently uploaded.
    c. Payments: This shows your online payment history and your status for Bar
    Practicing Fees, Verification and Stamp Requests.
    d. Bar Practicing Fees: This helps you compute your bar practicing fees for the
    current year and other previous years. This is also where you make payments
    for your practice fees.
    e. NBA Affinity Card: This helps you request your NBA affinity card.
    f. Insurance Cover: This helps you request insurance cover.
  7. Should you experience any challenge(s) in the use of the online payment portal,
    please send a mail to
    Paul Usoro, SAN

The image below is what the process flow is expected to look like.

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